Crossing The Bridge

The sad demise of Robin Williams has brought the whole creativity/depression issue to the fore once again. The argument goes that if you spend all your time creating and living in fantasy worlds, eventually you lose your grip on reality. For some that may be true.

When you think about it, writers and schizophrenics do similar things. They create fictional worlds and people them with personalities of every type. The difference is that the schizophrenic gets locked up and pumped full of mind-numbing drugs for their trouble while the writer, if lucky, gets fame, critical and fan acclaim and gobs of money. Go figure.

Geniuses certainly don’t think like normal people do (whatever “normal” is), if they did they wouldn’t be geniuses. They don’t seem to behave the way normal people do either. It could be because of the special leeway they are given because of who they are or it could be just that their heads are wired differently. If we knew what made a genius, they’d have a pill to make everyone like that. I’m sure they are working on one right now and will mass-produce them in time.

The writing process is a solitary dream that the writer hopes will become a mass delusion by crossing the success bridge from obscurity to credibility. It’s a crossing we all must make, all the while battling the dragons of self-doubt and the scorn of non-believers. It’s a wonder any of us make it to the other side at all. Michael Caine once said that actors face a level of rejection that most people couldn’t comprehend. Ditto for writers. Good luck with your journey today, my fellow travellers. See you on the other side of the bridge…with or without your genius pill. 

© 2014, Stewart Stafford. All rights reserved.


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